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Lower Denture Cushioning in Boisbriand

Located in Boisbriand, Benoit Prud'homme, d. d. Denturologiste Offers Personalized Service for Lower Denture Cushioning.

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Lower Denture Cushioning: to Relieve Gum Pain

Have you been experiencing gum pain for a while now? Have you noticed that your dentures are becoming less comfortable? You might be suffering from gingival recession, a condition where the gums recede, exposing more of the teeth and making them prone to sensitivity and pain.

Fortunately, there's a type of denture designed for sensitive gums, which comes with a soft base or cushion that can help alleviate your discomfort.

This cushion, which is porous and offers greater stability in the mouth, is placed in the lower denture. Visit my office for soft base fitting! I am a denturist and a provider of Canada Dental Health Plan.

A Denturist Specialized in Lower Denture Cushioning in Boisbriand.

Placement of cushion on lower denture Boisbriand
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Lower Denture Cushioning and Personalized Follow-up in Boisbriand

Trust my expertise and quality products as a denturist for comfortable lower dentures.

It's important to have your cushioned denture checked regularly to ensure consistent comfort. You can rely on me for follow-ups.

In addition to soft base placement, I can also provide the following services:

I Take Great Care to Ensure Your Comfort With High-Quality Soft Base Cushions.

Adhesive pads for lower denture Boisbriand